University of Bern

In brief

The University of Bern's main building (Image: keystone/Alessandro della Valle)

The University of Bern is proud of its long heritage in teaching and research and of the many minds it helped to reach their potential.

This mission continues today under its motto of "Knowledge creates value", bringing social and economic benefits not just to its home canton, Bern, but also to Switzerland and the world at large.

With roots dating back to the 16th century, the University continues to reign majestic as one of Switzerland's largest public universities in the country's capital, Bern.

Its achievements resonate worldwide and it is counted among the world's best universities. It recently ranked 105 in the 2018 Times Higher Education World University rankings.

With notable strengths in climate science, space research and medicine, Bern provides the full range of study programs and research as a comprehensive university.

There are no borders when it comes to academic freedom and the University of Bern is international to the core.

By The International Relations Office


At the University of Bern, our people make up the university's heart and soul. They are passionately engaged in extending the frontiers of knowledge and learning.


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University strategy

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International platforms

The University is a proud host to a number of international research initiatives that bring together researchers from across the globe.